Orphan Black

Watch Orphan Black Online is a science fiction television series that stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah, a woman who discovers she is one of several clones. The show premiered at WonderCon in Anaheim, California on March 29, 2013. The television premiere of the first 10-episode season was on March 30, 2013. Main character Sarah isn’t a nice person. She lies, she steals, she apparently asked her foster mom to watch her young daughter for a night and then didn’t come back for almost a year. She even fakes her own death. But the actress playing her, Tatiana Maslany, is somehow still sympathetic, making viewers want to follow along with her as she figures out who she is and what part she plays in a big, bad conspiracy. The chemistry between her and wisecracking foster brother Felix is potent, and a lot of fun too. We really believe these two have a history, and want to see what they’ll do next. 

Orphan Black Seasons

Season 2

 Season 1