Almost Human

Watch Almost Human Online. From its very first frames, Almost Human feels familiar. Say, don’t we recognize that opening-scene voiceover from RoboCop? Is John Kennex living in the same dark-and-gloomy city seen in Blade Runner? Aren’t those the taxis from Total Recall? Even effective scenes, like one in which headless androids are being worked on in an ominous police back room, seem cribbed from other dramas like Dollhouse. Adding to the stale feel: mismatched police buddy cliches and beats cribbed from police procedurals.All this wouldn’t matter if the characters were more finely drawn. But, though it’s marvelous to see Lili Taylor onscreen again and Michael Ealy is always wonderful, these fine actors are given rather trope-ish roles without much depth to them. 

 Almost Human Seasons

Season 1